Flurry partners with Snowfall Technologies LLC (“Snowfall”) for Snowfall’s next-generation distributed order management and warehouse management software – Jazz Central.  Jazz Central is an enterprise-level SaaS Omni-channel distributed order management and warehouse management system allowing for seamless integration between our client’s front-end web platform and many of third-party sellers. Jazz Central allows for orders to be processed by your website, contact center, stores, DC’s, Flurry and more….

Jazz Central will allow you to view Flurry’s performance in real-time with complete and accurate visibility to your inventory, orders, customers and more.  With its graphic orientation, Jazz Central makes it easy analyze and understand your complete business.  Over 75 real-time reports provide answers to your most asked questions.

Integrated with Snowfall’s “Mia” (Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning), Jazz Central can analyze your omni-channel operations and optimize what orders should be shipped from what locations to increase productivity and reduce labor costs and mark-downs.

Mia can also help you manage your inventory, reduce returns and make intelligent decisions that will grow sales and profitability